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Specializing in hands on skilled therapy Quick pain relief and long lasting results 

All therapeutic massage comes with a customized complimentary 15 min assessment. Focusing on finding the underlying causes of pain and design a customized plan of care for your individual needs. 

Trigger Point Release-Alleviate the source of pain by identifying the exact location of constricted muscle and fascia and tight referring points.

Myofascial Release- Restore full pain free functional movement in joints with gentle release of fascia layers (between skin, muscle and tendon). Scarring of fascia can limit normal movement and cause pain. MFR can allow you to increase motion and flexibility. 

Cold Laser Therapy -Low level laser therapy (LLLT) Uses specific wavelengths of light to interact with tissue. Accelerate healing processes of a variety of acute and chronic conditions. Helps eliminate pain , swelling, reduce spasms and increase functionality.

Aromatherapy Herbal Therapy-Organic Doterra Essential oils are used to massage muscles and joints and open the flow of energy, creating a healthier mind and body connection. Customized oils to your needs.

Swedish-Relieves Nervous Tension European massage calms and relieves muscular tension and aids circulation. Relaxing and soothing this treatment is ideal for a first-time massage or if recovering from exercise. 

 Deep Tissue and Sports- Customized to pressure reference from firm to deep tissue, this massage uses deliberate strokes to restore range of motion and compression to lengthen muscle fibers. Highly recommended for those who need focused attention on specific muscle groups. An ideal pre or post workout massage. 

East West Fusion w CBD Oil-Principles of Swedish, Shiatsu, Balinese and Thai massage are expertly combined with PlusCBD, Copaíba, Arnica and other botanical extracts to target muscle pain and joint stiffness. This treatment is adapted to specific body types and ailments to achieve the ultimate massage experience.

Stone and Crystal Massage- A light to medium pressure therapy combines Reiki and  Swedish massage with the use of both cool and warm polished stones and crystals to promote deep relaxation and a sense of calm. 

Prenatal massage-A light massage recommended for the second and third trimester to assist in releasing lower back pain, water retention, and sciatica.

Reflexology-Focused firm pressure applied to hands and feet relating to the zones and reflex points that correspond to all parts, glands and organs and is complimentary to other healing modalities. Promotes full body health, natural balance, and well-being.

Body Sculpt- A dry brush and medium to firm massage is complimented with a toning blend of anti-cellulite essential oils Lemongrass, Juniper and Birch. Feel and look your best on a regular basis!  Techniques to tone tissue and improve circulation, enhance detoxification and improve lymphatic flow. 

Manual Lymphatic Massage- Helps to lightly pump lymphatic fluid circulation. Is known to be helpful to heal immune system and detoxification process. Very relaxing and soothing light touch sends a message of tranquility and wellbeing to the entire body. 

Ethical and compassionate care and  confidentialty.  Assessment and Treatment of Soft Tissue Injuries. Focus is on rehabilitation, pain management and increasing strength and range of motion. Receiving regular massage can help you naturally manage pain and stress from chronic injuries. 


15 min $25

30 min $50

60 min $120

90 min $170

Energetic Healing can be added to any therapy.   Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Crystal Massage, Healing Touch




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