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Investment in a Healthy Business

A growning number of businesses are providing wellness programs in the workplace. They believe that having healthy employees translates into increased competiveness in the marketplace. Naturally, workers with high level wellness are more productive on the job.

On-site Chair masssage is a convenient, safe and cost effective addition to a workplace wellness plan. It helps boost employee moral and provides valuable health benefits too. All sizes and kinds of business from small offices to large companies can benefit from on-site massage services.

Workplace Health Problems

High stress is associated with many diseases and has been found to impair the immune system leaving workers more suseptive to colds and other illnesses. Some of the most pervasive and costly health problems in the workplace include the high level of stress experienced by employees, physical problems associated with sitting at workstations for long periods of time and repetitive use syndrome. 

Prevention is an essential part of wellness-catching potential problems before they cause disease or disability. Workplace wellness programs have been found to cut down on worker's compensation claims and reduce time-off for employee illness and injury.

On-site Massage

On-site massage is a revolutionary way of offering the benefits of massage in public spaces like the workplace.

During on-site massage, the recipient is seated and fully clothed. Massage techniques which can be given through the clothing are used and the session focuses on the upper body-head, neck,shoulders, back and arms. Sessions usually last 10-20 minutes- the length of a typical workbreak.

Benefits of Massage

♦Reduces the physical and mental effects of stress, thus helps to prevent burnout and stress related diseases

♦Reduces the adverse effects of sitting for long periods of time in the same position, such as at a desk or other workstation

♦Improves alertness and ability to focus , an antidote for work slumps

♦Relieves physical problems associated wirth repetitive tasks; for example, computer work, sorting, filing and assmbly line tasks

♦Helps relieve common problem conditions such as headaches and stiff and sore muscles

♦Improves immune system funtioning for better general health and resistance to colds and other illnesses

♦Increases good feeelings about workplace and loyalty to the company that cares

♦Leaves employees feeling revitalized and ready to return to work

On-site massage is highly popular with employers and employees for a number of reasons.

♦You feel better right away

♦It requires no practice or effort on the part of the receiver

♦It's an easy health practice to take advantage of-little motivation needed

♦It complements other wellness programs such as stress reduction and exercise

♦It helps motivate you for other welllness practices

♦It works for everbody- from the coprporate offices to the warehouse to the mailroom

There are many options for incorporating on-site massage into your workplace wellness program. Best results are acheived through regular sessions in an ongoing program. On-site massage can aslo be provided periodically for special occasions.

♦Regular(weekly-Monthly) on-site sessions for all workers

♦Special occasions such as holidays, birthdays and national secretary's day

♦As a break during long training sessions or competing projects

♦In times of special stress such as near deadlines or during peak work periods

To get an on-site massage program started for your employees contact Irene Balnis to discuss the details of an arrangement for sevices. Ask for a demonstration and experience for yourself the benefts of on-site massage. 

On-site massage is convenient, time efficient and reatively inexpensive-it offers a high return on your investment and has proven to be highly popular in workplaces which provide it. 



 On-Site Therapuetic Massage written by Patricia J. Bejamin, PhD.

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